Places in New York state, USA

Hi everyone. Spring starts soon, and there will be more opportunities to travel!

While we are waiting for warmth, I will show you interesting places in the state of New-York. By the way, I decided to continue article-collections about different states (about those, that are near us, and we often take a ride to).


So, the state of New-York. I won’t especially write about this exact place, since a lot is known about it. Going to share impressions with you about places, that we have visited in the state. I hope, that you add, talk about, what we have yet not seen ;). I will start with places where I still had my old digital camera :)

1. The Peter Wing's Castle - this is a regular persons home, which I found out about by accident. We drove down there in March, but it turned out that tours started in May. Although we were very lucky: while we walked around the territory (as we didn’t know, that this was not a museum, but a private house :), the owner came and offered a separate tour around the house :). It was very interesting! Recommend!

This building they are building by themselves for over 40 years now, from materials, that they find nearby. Here’s proof:

Do you know what that is?

It was interesting to listen to his stories. The only thing that I didn’t like- inside there was a lot of stuff :). But on the outside the building is unique, right?

And thats the house. Not far from it is a small zoo called Trevor zoo, but for us it didn’t seem too small. Also there is a VERY delicious little French restaurant, which was advised by the guide!


2. Gatehouse - this “building” we found not far from the castle before. It turned out, that this is the gate. We never actually saw the building, but the gate impressed us :).

3. Kensico Dam - I liked this place. You can go there and take a walk. But, first of all, I liked it so much, because beside the park, there was a huge cemetery with a lot of interesting gravestones (I’m not going to show pictures). I can assure you, such cemeteries are rare. 

And this is a monument dedicated to the September 11 attack.


There were many fountains there, but they did not work in the early spring.


4. Finger Lakes -  this was not a one-day trip, but a five-day trip in September. I really-really liked it there! We ate peaches:

Tasted wine (and, of course, we bought some to take home). There were so many winemakers and cheese farms. 

Had a look at the scenery:

Went to admire the waterfall -  Taughannock Falls State Park:

Walked through  Cornell University 

I really liked the architecture there.


Then for the whole day we drove to Watkins Glen.

Be sure to go there if you are near it. Count on a day of leisurely walks ;)

There was a lot of people! Thats why we were there the whole day :)

Well, and the beauty!

We drove to the local old estate- - Sonnenberg Gardens & Mansion State Historic Park:)

I didnt see anything inside, but I loved the territory!

Although it was September, it was very hot. If it were not hot, you could spend the whole day walking around.


5. Chuang Yen Monastery - this was a one-day autumn trip, but pretty nice. And now the pictures :)

Currently that is all, but I hope to add to this soon ;)


Thank you for reading :). Travel!