Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Dupont Gardens. (July 4th, 2014)

We decided for the first time in our life to go to a parade :) so many years in the States, and we have never seen a parade. Since the parade is dedicated to Independence Day, then the best place to watch it is certainly the first US capital - Philadelphia (PA) ... The weather decided to wet our trip, but we were not afraid of it :)
So, Independence Day Parade in Philadelphia (many photos).

We stopped at the border of the states Pensilvania and New Jersey, very convenient and much cheaper :) 20-30 minutes and we were in the city center.
We found a very nice observation deck from the parking lot, so that with the roof (there was rain) and that the heads of the people did not interfere with everything to be photographed. We liked the parade, although we did not have much to compare with :) I saw a lot of interesting things:)

I really liked that they carried huge flags :)

Then drove by such interesting “cars”.
he parade took several hours, but the rain did not frighten anyone.
There were a lot of photos, so I'll show you only the smallest part that I liked most.
Then the local beauties drove:

The military passed and not only

Interesting musical and dance groups:

And the huge Chinese quarter: 

There were so many of them that I thought - all of them came out:)
And of course, wonderful fire engines:

Unfortunately, the photo does not transmit the lights and the sound of the flashing lights, but I think you can imagine it :)
Hope you got the impression of the parade, and we went further ...
After dining in a cute restaurant (sorry, no name), we went to  Atlantic City for the  World Championships on sandy figures.
I saw this for the first time and was in shock, what can be done from sand. And its a shame that they will get rid of it:( Admire it yourself

This work took first place.
But the next job took first place in my mind:

Maybe because to me, it looks more well done :)

Thats the exhibitions we were able to visit! Of course, this is not all the exhibits, but the ones that most memorable :)

The next day we went to Dupont Gardens. There, we spent a whole day and did not even have time to see everything! I advise everyone to visit! And for the seed, I'll show you the flowers (there were a lot of photos  and it was very difficult to choose what to show to you). I will start with a greenhouse:

So thats the inside. I was delighted with these flower balls:

Then in the inner yard there was a lot of lilies

There's also another whole bonsai room

There was a lot of Hibiscus there (I like tea with it)

And then we got into a room with orchids and I was gone (for a long time)

Whoever received greeting cards from me, probably got the last photo :)

And now you go to the street, where  there is also a lot of beauty (only very hot!).

And in the evening there was a show of singing fountains (but here without a photo) Well, that's all :)
Two days flew by quickly and it was time to go home. Hope you liked it and maybe even one of you want to go there :)
Sorry, a lot of photos - I had no choice but to show you :)

Travel more! Talk to you later